Celebrating Light & Life in conjunction with Deepavali

SANMAARGA is a unique and diverse "high profile ensemble" conceived and composed by Dr.T.V Gopalakrishnan that communicates universal message of love and positivity though music! SANMAARGA's artistry and instrumentation reflect the fruitful and harmonious integration of the great traditions of the East and West, accomplished Indian classical performers joining hands with their counterparts in Western Classical Jazz to create a unique and all-encompassing sonic panorama. The idea being to bring together the cultures - musical systems, musical nuances, musically emotional overtones and the magic of converging complex rhythms to create a plethora of aesthetic responses.

The SANMAARGA team consists of eminent artist from the East and West. All multifaceted and talented, with mastery in more than one discipline, is bound to make a lasting and exhilarating impression in the minds of all those who are willing participants, (audience included!!) of this musical & rhythmic spectacle! These accomplished performers are also joined by many local talented artists whose unique contributions would inspire the music to new and exciting dimensions. Western instruments would reflect the Indian flavours and vice-verse, extending the musical boundaries to new heights.

Conceived, composed & presented by Padmabhushan Sangita Kalanidhi DR TV GOPALAKRISHNAN

SANMAARGA's core inspiration is the grandeur and diversity of Indian music, arts and culture, from its panoramic musical heritage to its ancient and modern languages and philosophies. SANMAARGA explores the aesthetic possibilities of melding the rich and varied languages of Indian – including Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Rajastani, Punjabi, Bengali and a few dialects – with enchanting melodies rendered with care and love. These melodies are drawn from Indian traditional and tribal tunes, Hindi Bhajans and Tumris, Hindustani, Khayal or Ghazel, as well as from Western pop, folk, jazz, etc. The lyrics are woven with the silken thread of Indian philosophy, from the Vedas onwards!

SANMAARGA's basic mission is to provide interactive music and involve the audience. The ultimate aim is to make them realize that any art form or language becomes beautiful when the artist surrender themselves while performing with humility, love and passion. After all, the borderlines and frontiers between the arts forms of different cultures are imaginary at best! Sanmaarga in the international arena is of course, always tailor made, customized and flexible to suit each contextual situation.