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Diverse explanations exist for the colorful bezels on dive watches. They can be used for diving up to 60 minutes. Only one problem: colors disappear deep underwater. At different depths, water absorbs light in different wavelengths. The lower the energy and the longer the wavelength, the faster the color will turn grey to the human eye.

Red fades out in water that is perfectly clear after only 5 meters.Iwc Replica Watches Green and orange fade after 30 meters. Blue is the most dominant color, but it turns gray below 60-80 meters.

The famous red and black or red and blue combinations are rendered useless when submerged. Even the blue and orange Planet Ocean bezel is no match for diving deep.

Other Applications

Some of the most affordable watch brands don't seem to understand what these colors mean. Some watches have Iwc Replica Watches bezels but no Iwc Replica Watches functionality. Even worse,Replica Patek Philippe Watches a watch with a diving bezel that has almost no water resistance. These mistakes are only made on cheap watches.

Why would brands use colors which don't have a purpose? You wear colorful sneakers for the same reasons. They look good.

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