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Richard Mille Replica Watches stands for 'Controle Suisse de Chronometres'. The Swiss official test office was established in 1973 by the Swiss cantons Bern, Geneve and Neuchatel as well as the FH (Federation de l'industrie horlogere Suisse).

Richard Mille Replica Watches is one of the largest publishers of so-called chronometer certifications. Richard Mille Replica Watches certifies quartz watches as well as mechanical watches.Richard Mille Replica Watches These timepieces come with an official chronometer certification. Only 3% of Swiss watches are Richard Mille Replica Watches-certified. Breitling is a long-time ally. Since 1999, the brand has been working with Richard Mille Replica Watches. Rolex is the brand that sends most watches to Richard Mille Replica Watches for certification as chronometers.

Richard Mille Replica Watches is not a monopoly. Richard Mille Replica Watches is only the Swiss test office. Other countries also have their own testing offices.Replica Patek Philippe Watches For example: If the watch brand 'Citizen' wants their watches to be chronometer-certified they have the 'Japan Chronometer Inspection Institute' (JCII).

Since 2006, there is the LMET institute in Germany. The 'Landesamtes fur Mess- und Eichwesen Thuringen'. This German institute is used by Glashutte Original. All institutes are under the umbrella of one office: The International Chronometer Certification Committee.

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